Where can entertainment industry workers can go for help during the coronavirus crisis?


As you already know, COVID-19 has impacted the entertainment industry immensely.  Productions came to a halt, castings postponed auditions, concerts were canceled and thousands of entertainment workers were without a job.


Although the industry has began to move again, it can be tough for industry workers to know how to navigate this difficult time. Be assured that there are resources for you.

Please visit the following website for up-to-date resources and aid. https://actorsfund.org/services-and-programs/covid-19-resource-list


What can you be doing to push yourself further during this time?

Build a following

It is truly the perfect time to start building an
online presence. With everyone turning to
social media platforms to communicate, don’t
miss an opportunity to connect and interact
with your followers.


Don’t forget to use this time to catch-up with
other artists and connections you have made
along your journey. With social interactions
limited, everyone is eager to connect. Take
advantage of this and strengthen your


This is the perfect time to make sure your acting profiles are clean and precise. They should represent you and showcase why casting should want to see more. Get rid of old reels and old photos. Use this time to update all the necessary items.